BiophiliaBreathe some forest air, it’s so good for you

May 9, 2021

The Biophilia Effect…. Did you know that Forest Air naturally increases the number and performance of our Natural Killer Cells? Our Natural Killer Cells are responsible for detecting and eliminating existing tumour and abnormal cells that could lead to cancer. When we breathe in forest air, we increase the number of our killer cells, so much so that if you spend one day in the forest you will have more natural killer cells in your blood for seven days thereafter. After two or three days spent in the forest the performance of your natural killer cells increases by more than 50 percent and the elevated level of boosted immunity remains in our bodies for another thirty days!! Forest air is particularly beneficial from April to August when the forest is more alive and when there is moisture in the air. Ever feel amazing after your post-rain walk in the forest?? This is exactly why! Get yourselves out in the forests over the next few months and breathe in that forest air. Nature and its powerful healing effects are right there to support us every day. Isn’t nature a wonderful thing?!

Facts are taken from ‘The Biophilia Effect’ Book – Clemens G. Arvay (worth a read if you love this stuff like me) ?

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