DesignGOLD Award at Harrogate Spring Flower Show 2021

June 30, 2021

We were absolutely elated to scoop GOLD award at this year’s Harrogate Flower Show with our ‘Escape your Mind’ garden. The garden was designed to remind us of the positive effects we can all derive from nature. Particularly following the need for nature during the Covid pandemic. ‘Escape your Mind’ included biophilic elements which automatically and naturally calm our minds. We pride ourselves on using Biophilic design principles in every garden we create. This means our gardens satisfy our innate need for contact with the natural world. Humans are known to feel more alive when we can feel and experience nature.

The pathway through ‘Escape your Mind’ was inspired by the ‘New York Highline’ – a great example of effective garden design and biophilic design combined.

It was wonderful to be part of the show following such a long time in lockdown. Visitors were delighted to be out enjoying nature together again, such a delight to see so many smiling faces. We are hoping to go back again next year, I think we need a year off to recover!

After the show, the plants worth £300, were given to Harrogate and District Hospital. They included the colorful Magnolia Acuminata ‘Blue Opal’, Dahlia ‘Orange Sunshine’, Phlox ‘Clouds of Perfume’, Euphorbia, Pittosporum and Salix ‘Golden Sunshine’.

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