BiophiliaWhy does nature make us feel better?

January 24, 2021

I have been studying Biophilic design for quite a few months now and would like to share with you the concepts of Biophilia and why we are inherently rejuvenated by nature. Biophilia basically means we all have an inherent love of life and passion for all that is alive. When you feel drawn to nature this is because we humans possess an innate tendency to connect with nature and other forms of life. Research has found that nature helps to lower levels of cortisol, the hormone typically used to assess stress levels, restore mental fatigue, improve concentration, and heighten creativity. They have found that taking a walk in a park and even looking at nature through a window can improve someone’s health. This enhanced feeling of wellbeing is especially important now when mental balance seems like a struggle for all of us. So why does nature have all these wonderful effects on us without us having to do much more than going for a walk in the woods? This is referred to as ‘Attention Restoration Therapy’ where nature replenishes our mental and attentional capacity after we have tired our brains out during too much directed attention. Nature reactivates the tired parts of our brain by holding our attention but without any required, focussed effort. I suppose it’s a bit like subconscious meditation?! Within nature, there are many different elements and forms that automatically effect our bodies and brain without us knowing why, how, or that it has even taken place. All we know is that we feel better once we have been amongst nature. Our brains are amazing, that is for sure. I’ll leave this thought here for now and will share more on the makeup of nature and its positive effects on us in the coming months. Knowing that I can help to create ‘little bits of heaven on earth’ makes me happy inside. Biophilic Garden Design Happy Sunday 🙂

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