DesignWhich Garden style should I choose?

April 25, 2020

There are many different garden styles to choose from, it all comes down to your personal preference and the space you’re looking to re-design. Your home interior style should be considered which will ensure the garden flows seamlessly with the house.

Some garden themes and characteristics for consideration could be:

  • Contemporary gardens: Clean, crisp design lines, hard landscaping, bold planting, asymmetry, modern materials, lighting, reflective water.
  • Traditional Gardens or country gardens: A sense of discovery, cottage style planting, rustic furniture, rose arbours, winding paths, vegetables and herbs, mindfulness corner, water, views of the landscape, sweeping lawns, natural materials.
  • Mediterranean Gardens: Shady seating area, gravel floor, rills or water features, succulents and silver foilage, terracotta features and pots, Mediterranean inspired planting.
  • Japanese Gardens: Mini mountain landscape, water features and pools, gravel and rocks, bamboo, Japanese style planting, stepping stones.
  • Tropical Gardens: Bold planting, height and structure, different materials, pools, tropical refuge.
  • Family Gardens: Large seating areas, reflection corner, low maintenance hardy planting, dens, play area, wildlife features, colourful features.
  • Wildlife, Natural gardens: Wildllife planting, rustic furniture, rainwater harvesting, composting, naturalistic ponds.
  • Urban Garden: Dramatic planters, sculptural furniture, lighting, pleached trees, stylish materials, calm contrasts, secret spaces.
  • Cutting-edge gardens: Modern materials, lighting, sculptural plants, water cascades and fountains, vibrant colours, interesting floor plan, screens, artful planting.


Reference: RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design

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