DesignThe True Role of a Garden Designer

April 24, 2020

The garden design profession is ever-evolving, responsibilities can vary depending on the individual designer’s experience, qualifications and client expectations.

Garden designers are primarily appointed to design and plan landscapes and outdoor spaces to meet the needs of the client and to ensure the finished project is beautiful, practical, and fit for purpose. As Steve Jobs once said: “Design is how it works” and this statement is very appropriate when it comes to Garden design.

A designer could find themselves working for a local council designing a public space, helping a private client realise their dream garden, or designing a major community-led project. Plants provide the props, colour, and texture, but the garden is the stage, and its design should be determined by the uses it is intended to fulfill.

Heaven on Earth

Throughout history, the role of the garden has been to provide a place of escape, but tailoring the garden layout to each individual client’s needs is equally as important and is the key role of the garden designer. I particularly like the theory of garden design being the process behind creating a little bit of ‘Heaven on Earth’.

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