Curved, elegant, naturalistic garden – Huby, Harrogate

February 14, 2022

This naturalistic garden is set to be a Spring 2023 build. The unique curved steps, stonewalling, cobbled sweeping paths, lavish drift planting, and overhanging pergola detailing should bring this garden totally alive . The clients’ wanted to ensure costs for moving earth/levels were kept a minimum, hence we have followed the natural terrain of the land and created inviting zones as you travel through the space. The cobbled paths lead you down the curved, rounded steps along to the dining/ lounging, framed outdoor room. A view of the steps and curved stone walls can be enjoyed from a hidden bench and from the central seating areas. Another level of long, curved steps then leads you onto the main lawn, creating a wonderful feeling of open space. This beautiful Victorian home is set to be transformed by this tranquil, inviting garden. We can’t wait to see this one start!

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