Cottage Garden in Killinghall, Harrogate

October 22, 2021

Our latest garden design and build is now complete.. a Cottage Garden in Killinghall. This bland, new-build plot has been transformed into a serene, inviting cottage garden. The cream porcelain paving and pergola create a functional, dining area that feels like an outdoor room, with wonderful views over the landscape. The long, staggered, gravel steps and stepping stones lead to the gravel firepit area. This garden has been designed around the firepit evenings my client wanted to create. Leading on to an enclosed decked area where they can continue relaxing/entertaining into the evening, whatever the weather. The garden can now accommodate up to 18 people. The planting has a cottage theme including Hydrangeas, Veronicastrum, Brunnera, Lilac Trees and a feature Multi-stem Silver Birch tree, which will bring this garden alive come next spring. The client said she cried with happiness when she saw the finished result – exactly the reaction we were looking for!


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